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Simply select which admin widgets you'd like to show and for which user roles. You also get the option to add a new admin widget: just give it a title and enter your content into the WYSIWYG editor.", "Author": "ABD Web Design", "AuthorURI": "http://aaronbday.com/", "TextDomain": "abd-dashboard-widget-manager", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "ABD Dashboard Widget Manager", "AuthorName": "ABD Web Design" }, "awesome-support/awesome-support.php": { "Name": "Awesome Support", "PluginURI": "https://getawesomesupport.com", "Version": "5.1.1", "Description": "Awesome Support is a great ticketing system that will help you improve your customer satisfaction by providing a unique customer support experience.", "Author": "Awesome Support Team", "AuthorURI": "https://getawesomesupport.com", "TextDomain": "awesome-support", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": false, "Title": "Awesome Support", "AuthorName": "Awesome Support Team" }, "caldera-forms/caldera-core.php": { "Name": "Caldera Forms", "PluginURI": "https://CalderaForms.com", "Version": "1.6.3", "Description": "Easy to use, grid based responsive form builder for creating simple to complex forms.", "Author": "Caldera Labs", "AuthorURI": "http://CalderaLabs.org", "TextDomain": "caldera-forms", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Caldera Forms", "AuthorName": "Caldera Labs" }, "cf-anti-spam/caldera-forms-anti-spam.php": { "Name": "Caldera Forms Anti Spam", "PluginURI": "", "Version": "0.1.1", "Description": "Anti-spam for Caldera Forms. Recaptcha field!", "Author": "YooHoo Plugins", "AuthorURI": "https://yoohooplugins.com", "TextDomain": "caldera-forms-anti-spam", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Caldera Forms Anti Spam", "AuthorName": "YooHoo Plugins" }, "code-snippets/code-snippets.php": { "Name": "Code Snippets", "PluginURI": "https://github.com/sheabunge/code-snippets", "Version": "", "Description": "An easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site. No need to edit to your theme's functions.php file again!", "Author": "Shea Bunge", "AuthorURI": "https://bungeshea.com", "TextDomain": "code-snippets", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": false, "Title": "Code Snippets", "AuthorName": "Shea Bunge" }, "coming-soon/coming-soon.php": { "Name": "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd", "PluginURI": "http://www.seedprod.com", "Version": "5.0.20", "Description": "The #1 Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress.", "Author": "SeedProd", "AuthorURI": "http://www.seedprod.com", "TextDomain": "coming-soon", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": false, "Title": "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd", "AuthorName": "SeedProd" }, "contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php": { "Name": "Contact Form 7", "PluginURI": "https://contactform7.com/", "Version": "5.0.1", "Description": "Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.", "Author": "Takayuki Miyoshi", "AuthorURI": "https://ideasilo.wordpress.com/", "TextDomain": "contact-form-7", "DomainPath": "/languages/", "Network": false, "Title": "Contact Form 7", "AuthorName": "Takayuki Miyoshi" }, "contact-form-7-simple-recaptcha/contact-form-7-simple-recaptcha.php": { "Name": "Contact Form 7 Captcha", "PluginURI": "", "Version": "0.0.2", "Description": "Add No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to Contact Form 7 using [cf7sr-simple-recaptcha] shortcode", "Author": "247wd", "AuthorURI": "", "TextDomain": "contact-form-7-simple-recaptcha", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Contact Form 7 Captcha", "AuthorName": "247wd" }, "contact-form-7-signature-addon/signature.php": { "Name": "Contact Form 7 Signature Addon", "PluginURI": "http://www.keybored.fr/2016/08/14/WP-Contact-Form-Signature-Field.html", "Version": "4.2.1", "Description": "Add a signature field type to the popular Contact Form 7 plugin.", "Author": "Breizhtorm", "AuthorURI": "http://www.breizhtorm.fr", "TextDomain": "contact-form-7-signature-addon", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": false, "Title": "Contact Form 7 Signature Addon", "AuthorName": "Breizhtorm" }, "disqus-comment-system/disqus.php": { "Name": "Disqus for WordPress", "PluginURI": "https://disqus.com/", "Version": "3.0.16", "Description": "Disqus helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences. Supports syncing comments to your database for easy backup.", "Author": "Disqus", "AuthorURI": "https://disqus.com/", "TextDomain": "disqus", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": false, "Title": "Disqus for WordPress", "AuthorName": "Disqus" }, "duplicate-page/duplicatepage.php": { "Name": "Duplicate Page", "PluginURI": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-page/", "Version": "2.6", "Description": "Duplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts using single click.", "Author": "mndpsingh287", "AuthorURI": "https://profiles.wordpress.org/mndpsingh287/", "TextDomain": "duplicate-page", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Duplicate Page", "AuthorName": "mndpsingh287" }, "elementor/elementor.php": { "Name": "Elementor", "PluginURI": "https://elementor.com/?utm_source=wp-plugins&utm_campaign=plugin-uri&utm_medium=wp-dash", "Version": "2.2.6", "Description": "The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.", "Author": "Elementor.com", "AuthorURI": "https://elementor.com/?utm_source=wp-plugins&utm_campaign=author-uri&utm_medium=wp-dash", "TextDomain": "elementor", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Elementor", "AuthorName": "Elementor.com" }, "loco-translate/loco.php": { "Name": "Loco Translate", "PluginURI": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/", "Version": "2.1.4", "Description": "Translate themes and plugins directly in WordPress", "Author": "Tim Whitlock", "AuthorURI": "https://localise.biz/wordpress/plugin", "TextDomain": "loco-translate", "DomainPath": "/languages/", "Network": false, "Title": "Loco Translate", "AuthorName": "Tim Whitlock" }, "onecom-themes-plugins/onecom-themes-plugins.php": { "Name": "One.com themes and plugins", "PluginURI": "", "Version": "0.2.17", "Description": "Personalize your website with custom made themes and plugins exclusive to One.com customers. You can also find a curated list of plugins that we recommend.", "Author": "One.com", "AuthorURI": "https://one.com/", "TextDomain": "onecom-wp", "DomainPath": "/languages", "Network": true, "Title": "One.com themes and plugins", "AuthorName": "One.com" }, "remove-wp-logo-from-admin-bar/plugin.php": { "Name": "Remove WP Logo from Admin Bar", "PluginURI": "http://tcoderbd.com", "Version": "1.0", "Description": "This plugin will enable remove the WordPress Logo from admin bar.", "Author": "Md Touhidul Sadeek", "AuthorURI": "http://tcoderbd.com", "TextDomain": "remove-wp-logo-from-admin-bar", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Remove WP Logo from Admin Bar", "AuthorName": "Md Touhidul Sadeek" }, "shortcode-menu/shortcode-menu.php": { "Name": "Shortcode Menu", "PluginURI": "http://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-menu/", "Version": "3.2", "Description": "To display menu's everywhere like sidebar, header, footer, pages, posts or theme template with effective styling and customization using shortcode.", "Author": "Amit Sukapure", "AuthorURI": "http://in.linkedin.com/in/amitsukapure/", "TextDomain": "shortcode-menu", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "Shortcode Menu", "AuthorName": "Amit Sukapure" }, "simple-social-buttons/simple-social-buttons.php": { "Name": "Simple Social Buttons", "PluginURI": "http://www.WPBrigade.com/wordpress/plugins/simple-social-buttons/", "Version": "2.0.14", "Description": "Simple Social Buttons adds an advanced set of social media sharing buttons to your WordPress sites, such as: Google +1, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This makes it the most Flexible Social Sharing Plugin ever for Everyone.", "Author": "WPBrigade", "AuthorURI": "http://www.WPBrigade.com/", "TextDomain": "simple-social-buttons", "DomainPath": "/lang", "Network": false, "Title": "Simple Social Buttons", "AuthorName": "WPBrigade" }, "white-label-cms/wlcms-plugin.php": { "Name": "White Label CMS", "PluginURI": "http://www.videousermanuals.com/white-label-cms/?utm_campaign=wlcms&utm_medium=plugin&utm_source=readme-txt", "Version": "1.6.4", "Description": "A plugin that allows you to brand WordPress CMS as your own", "Author": "www.videousermanuals.com", "AuthorURI": "http://www.videousermanuals.com/?utm_campaign=wlcms&utm_medium=plugin&utm_source=readme-txt", "TextDomain": "white-label-cms", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "White Label CMS", "AuthorName": "www.videousermanuals.com" }, "wp-better-emails/wpbe.php": { "Name": "WP Better Emails", "PluginURI": "http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-better-emails/", "Version": "0.3", "Description": "Beautify the default text/plain WP mails into fully customizable HTML emails.", "Author": "Nicolas Lemoine", "AuthorURI": "http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-better-emails/", "TextDomain": "wp-better-emails", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "WP Better Emails", "AuthorName": "Nicolas Lemoine" }, "wp-dashboard-notes/wp-dashboard-notes.php": { "Name": "WP Dashboard Notes", "PluginURI": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-dashboard-notes/", "Version": "1.0.9", "Description": "Working in a team? Want to make notes? You can do just that with WP Dashboard Notes. Create beautiful notes with a nice user experience.", "Author": "Jeroen Sormani", "AuthorURI": "http://jeroensormani.com/", "TextDomain": "wp-dashboard-notes", "DomainPath": "", "Network": false, "Title": "WP Dashboard Notes", "AuthorName": "Jeroen Sormani" }, "wp-responsive-recent-post-slider/wp-recent-post-slider.php": { "Name": "WP Responsive Recent Post Slider", "PluginURI": "http://www.wponlinesupport.com/", "Version": "1.4.4", "Description": "Easy to add and display Recent Post Slider", "Author": "WP Online Support", "AuthorURI": "http://www.wponlinesupport.com/", "TextDomain": "wp-responsive-recent-post-slider", "DomainPath": "/languages/", "Network": false, "Title": "WP Responsive Recent Post Slider", "AuthorName": "WP Online Support" } }, "phpVersion": "7.2.7", "wordpressVersion": "4.9.8" } }, "exportLogs": {}, "installationState": 5, "isExportRunning": false, "isManualSyncRunning": false, "isFetchingAdminOptions": false, "isFetchingSyncStatus": false, "isManualSyncFormVisible": false, "isSiteFormLocked": true, "localAdminOptions": { "disqus_admin_access_token": "15b6e61065e94fcab8dd10b67dcf8b2e", "disqus_forum_url": "servitayuda-1", "disqus_installed": true, "disqus_public_key": "hzpEdHvJ0Xqo5ebzuZVAw2aE6WlHdIhe0HcpU6F0Vzqp45szMOQj36pbkV0ODuyS", "disqus_render_js": null, "disqus_secret_key": "666FrFjv08mYPS9iy5gWTOBqh5VYXtwgxcZitX9As2VJZKnFx5bHH7wD5Kb06Tq3", "disqus_sso_button": null, "disqus_sso_enabled": null, "disqus_sync_token": "168d87c9c05decf11c9c517df4e1dfc8" }, "manualSyncRangeEnd": "2018-11-07", "manualSyncRangeStart": "2018-10-31", "message": null, "syncStatus": { "enabled": false, "last_message": "", "requires_update": false, "subscribed": false, "subscription": null } } }
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